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Qualitäts-Pools mit KARBON – ARAMID Verstärkungen...


von 3 699 EURO...




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  1. Poolsfactory was one of the first companies that had returned the phone call. From the very beginning their service and help were outstanding. Thank you once more for fulfilling our dream!

  2. I’d definitely recommend PoolsFactory Group. The salesperson was always very responsive. We got the 8,50 x 3,70 x 1,55 m rectangle pool with Roman end steps. I love just being able to cool off in the summer.

  3. We went with PoolsFactory because of its years of experience. The salesperson was wonderful, and she was very helpful at the every stage of the sale. It’s nice to have one in our own backyard and not having to go to some other pool at any time.

  4. We looked at several different companies and we chose the one we had the best contact with – poolsfactory. From the beginning till the end we felt that we weren’t left alone with our questions and problems. Thank you very much for helping our dreams come true!

  5. I wanted a pool since I was a little kid. I’m looking forward to my kids having a pool in the backyard and have their friends coming over, and entertain the family and things of that sort. Then I’ve heard about Poolsfactory through myfriends. The salesperson was a really nice woman. She’s easy to work with, quick with the changes if necessary. She seemed to sincerely care about the project.

  6. I researched online to look for pool companies. PoolsFactory was one of them so I scheduled an appointment there in Poland. They were very precise, honest, and informative. They were in communication with me during the whole project. I got the pool with Roman steps and enjoy everything about it.

  7. We were visiting my wife’s family in Poland, drove by Poolsfactory’s office, stopped in and thought their pools were pretty. Everybody seemed nice, answered our questions and it wasn’t like they were trying to upsell us on anything. They gave us the exact answers as far as what was going to work good for us. We ordered the pool they recommended and love getting in it on a hot day and it was a good thing to bring our family together.

  8. We had an above ground pool for many years and after all the kids moved out, we took out the above ground pool. We missed the pool so after about a year, my wife and I wanted to get a new pool put in. Our next-door neighbor had a pool bought by PoolsFactory and so we used them as a reference and got the salesman’s contact information from them. Now we’re enjoying swimming in our blue waters.

  9. I love the water features of the pool and having the ability to look out over our family room and at the pool. The salesperson gave me a general idea of what was going to take place with every step of the process of preparing the ground. She was very informative and easy to talk to. I’m happy with how the things worked out.

  10. We’ve wanted a pool ever since we started thinking about building our house 2 years ago. I went online and looked at five other companies and went with PoolsFactory based on feedback. We have ordered a Helios 8,50m pool. I like it’s appearance. It’s been a really pleasant experience with the company. I have no complaints at all.

  11. Thank you so much for helping us out so supremely with our little ‚let’s-buy-us-some-swimming-pool‘ project 🙂 You are one of the companies whose expertise, quality of service and general congeniality I value the most.

  12. Thanks once again for your excellent service, you’ve helped us enormously. Your comments and reactions reaffirm to us the high level of professionalism in your approach. Yours Very Satisfied Customers from Norway

  13. Thank you so much for your efficient services. I greatly appreciate your professionalism in handling the whole matter. You are welcome to come and see our ‚little paradise‘ anytime you want.

  14. Thank you very much for your prompt response and a smooth sale. Everything looks just great and the pool cover gave the final touch to this venture. I recommend this manufacturer!

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